Thursday, April 15, 2010

What.A.Suprise !

Status: I've found my primary school's bff on facebook !

After years I've been looking for you ... finally I've you there ! Really really really miss you babe~ Since 2003 maybe the last time I saw you. At that time, we still in the same school, go back from school holiday together, listening to the Nasyid ... *at that time only Nasyid. HEHE* till I moved out to another school, everything was changed :( Heyy, really missed every moment with you. It's been years I never heard bout you ... Now, you became more beautiful haahh~ *jealous. HAHA* Heyy, I really think we should hangout sometimes ! Don't we ? HEHE

Mood: SO SO SO HAPPY !! :D

p/s: sory, aq curi gambar ko ni. kasi glamor. hehe.

Kasi komen sikit k?

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