Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just let it go with smile

today was a very bad day for me :(
dunno y but i still feel disappointed with myself till now
ermm, is it because of the Q&A session this morning ?
i think so ..
i see my team members also looks suddenly unhappy after the session
i know all of us shares the same feeling towards it .. huhu
yeahh, i know we probably didn't did a really good report or assignment that she would be proud ! but ..
certainly we already tried our best & gave the full effort to make it as good as we could !

but .. what other things that can we do now ?
nothing much really ...
we just let Dr. Cheng do her job & take this as a good experience in order to do team assignment in future :)

p/s: just flashback & take note bout the dos & don'ts
hopefully we'll not confront with this situation again ! (^^)v
... plus let's do some revision for the physic's test tomorrow !

Kasi komen sikit k?

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