Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So, what do you sayy ?

Nice meeting you all, bloggers & readers !
well, I'm Coyotito Aimd~
just for sure.. hehe.
but you can also call me CA, tito kid *my dad always call me this name* or Aied !

I want to be a successful photographer !
but this one kinda more to editing.
yet, I also l.o.v.e editing pictures :)

here some of my ARTworks that shown to you :)
but this is not really done yet..
because I need you to make it complete !

then, what to do peeps ?
simple ! ;)
you just need to leave your most sincere, truly, honest comments or any suggestion about these pictures !


yess you can, right !

I'll be so much appreciate for whatever you said :)

TQ-in-advance :)

p.s: what I did was just simple & plain but, you knoww~ I'm just a beginner & I need some support for what to do next ;)

Kasi komen sikit k?

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