Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Drowning In My Own Tears..

Did you ever feel lost? Or like you missing something in your life? It’s something that you don’t know. It’s just the feeling that you have but somehow you don’t have it actually. I do, I have, and I kind of feel like that right now. I used to felt like this before, few times. Sorrow all over me. Feels like crying, screaming.. Don’t know what is really going on right now. With the raining outside, final examination, got no mood to study.. It’s all started when I watched Nickelback-Never Gonna Be Alone music video. The next thing I knew, I was crying. Miss my dad L It's been a while since I started my first exam paper. Then I start looking for more music videos that I used to watch way back then when I was in high school. All the things, the memories were play inside my head like a video tape.. It became worst after I watched Yellowcard-Only One. Urghh, what happen to me? This feeling is suck! It's like I've lost everything though I'm suppose to be thankful to Allah because He gave me a chance to live in His beautiful world! What do I have to do now?

Kasi komen sikit k?

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