Thursday, December 19, 2013

A simple goodbye beat a simple sorry.

There was no single post for these past couple days. Because I am still speechless for what had happened. I don't know how long it would takes for me to feel okay again. Everyday I have to face you. I have no choice. Even though I can even barely see your face, I still have to be professional. Apparently, both of us have to be professional. I don't think I could do that for this time being. It hurts too much. In fact, I am full of frustration now. A person whom I thought could be a friend turned out to be someone that I should kept away in the beginning. How fool is that hah? It always occur to me - misjudgment. How could you did this to me. How can't I see this is coming? Shame on me. But a simple sorry is not good enough. Just not good enough. I am sorry, but we are no longer can be friends.


Kasi komen sikit k?

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